Key to an Optimized Power Grid

Based on a survey of utility industry executives, this new Playbook by Utility Dive and Generac Grid Services provides insights facing the utility industry as it seeks to leverage distributed energy resources to better address 21st-century power system issues.

From grid reliability and resilience to evolving energy policy and market rules, to tackling the causes and effects of climate change, this Playbook will provide insights on how the industry can fully tap the value of these grid edge assets by better managing the growing and complex diversity of grid-connected devices.

Learn How to Leverage Distributed Energy Resources to:

  • Identify and explore new opportunities from DERs for dynamic power dispatch and distribution optimization
  • Automatically spot emerging reliability and safety issues and address them promptly
  • Orchestrate millions of potential “participants” on a distribution grid to make grid operation more streamlined and harmonious
  • Enable customers to enjoy reliable power that’s cleaner and more affordable — and perhaps even profitable

Download the Free Playbook:

Learn how to tap into the full value of distributed energy and much more in this complimentary playbook.