There are Three Critical Success Factors that Overshadow All Others When it Comes to Leveraging Distributed Energy Resources

There's no question that when it comes enabling a more distributed energy grid, there are many important criteria for ensuring long-term success. There are three, however, that overshadow the long list of must-haves and wish-fors, and these are speed, accuracy and scalability. The reasons that these factors top the list are complex, but the fundamental logic revolves around one simple fact. The value of DERMS and VPP solutions increases as the number of connected assets continues to grow, and without speed, accuracy and scalability, continued growth will face boundaries that will be tough to overcome. 

This new white paper from Enbala explores the three tenets for success and provides a measuring stick for assessing what, exactly, to look for when evaluating solutions to the world's distributed energy challenges. You can download the white paper using the form to the right.