VPPs and DERMS: Different Sides to the Same Coin 

How Alectra is Building the Business Case for Integration 

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS)…. Are they the same?  Are they different?  Or are they somewhere in between?

navigantlogoA new white paper from Navigant Research explores such questions, examining how these two approaches to the management of customer-sited distributed energy assets might evolve, overlap and distinguish themselves in the future. Highlighting how Alectra — a public utility operating in Ontario — is exploring use cases and applications that piggyback on previous microgrids, the paper is a guide for others that join the journey toward squeezing the most value out of generation, load and energy storage, including prosumers, utilities and other grid operators. 

Navigant postulates that while VPPs and DERMS may have distinguishing features, they are two sides of the same coin and discusses how combining the capabilities of technology embedded in VPPs and DERMS may offer the greatest value to all energy ecosystem stakeholders. 

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