The Network Effect White Paper

The Power of the Network              

DER_NetworkTwo telephones can only connect to each other, but five can make 10 connections, and 12 can create 66 connections. This is the power or Metcalfe's law.

We experience it every day with networking platforms like LinkedIn, but it also applies - in a big way - to how best to reap the benefits of distributed energy resources. Why? Because when it comes to getting the best results from distributed energy, more is mightier. More customers, more assets... the value of your network is directly proportional to the size of your network.

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Enbala does a lot of pondering and writing about the topic that consumes everyone on our team: how to make our power grids more reliable and sustainable by leveraging the power of distributed energy resources.  To read some of the other material we've created recently,  we invite you to peruse and download other white papers that may interest you. 


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DERs and Metcalfe's Law